Brown Stewed Turkey Neck ターキーネックのブラウンシチュー

Fortunately for Noel, roundabout 2006 to 2008, there was a culinary wave in Jamaica. Chefs became mainstream. They were chic. The movement was inspired and led by culinary masterminds such as Norma Shirley who also had an air of sophistication and media presence which made everyone stop and look. This development helped to reassure him that he was indeed in the right profession. Soon after getting into the industry, he was quick to observe that Jamaica had almost coloured executive chefs. This was to change in a movement led by young chefs such as Kendrick Stewart, Dennis McIntosh, Carl Thomas, Brian Lumley, and Noel himself.

He moved back to Kingston in 2011 where he had landed a job at “Café Mantra” as a cook but soon became the Executive Chef / Restaurant Manager two months later. At the same time, Chef Noel had started to make a name for himself. He was soon introduced to one of Jamaica’s main newspapers – the “Jamaica Observer” which happens to be owned by Jamaica’s hotelier giant, “Gordon Butch Stewart.” “Butch Stewart” is believed to have pioneered the all-inclusive resort concept. He owns and operates the 5-star “Sandals All-Inclusive Hotel and Resorts” spanning the length and breadth of the Caribbean. Soon after his “Jamaica Observer” debut, Chef Noel was also featured on “Vibes Cuisine” and the “Entertainment Report.”

Although he had now made a name for himself on the cooking scene in Jamaica, Noel had bigger dreams. He had larger visions. He was not prepared to rest on his laurels. He desired a change of scenery. So, Chef Noel migrated to Canada in 2013 and worked 16 months at a fast food restaurant named “Chicken Chef.” He then became the executive chef at the Burntwood Hotel in Thompson, Manitoba. Once again, Noel needed a change of scenery. So, in 2015 he moved to Winnipeg and where he attended Red River College for 2 years to obtain a Diploma in Hotel and Restaurant Management. By 2016, he had developed his very own jerk marinade. Concurrently, he started his own catering company – “Cuisine by Noel,” and began working on his cookbook, aptly named “Cuisine by Noel – a culinary journey through recipes and stories,” – which was launched in December 2019. Noel moved to Toronto in 2019, where he now resides and operates his catering company. His book was also to celebrate his tenth anniversary as a chef. In his book he highlights his journey and pays respect to the people who have paved the way for him as a chef.

Among some of his many accolades, he was awarded the coveted “Toronto Best Chef” in February 2020. In 2018, he was adjudged to be one of Winnipeg’s top 5 chefs. Back in Jamaica he was nominated twice for the Prime Minister’s Youth Award. On November 7, 2018, he was also the youngest and only second chef to represent Jamaica at the “James Beard” house in New York. Only a select few of the top chefs representing countries from all over the world are specially invited to cook and showcase their countries’ cuisines at “James Beard” house. Norma Shirley was the first Jamaican representative to cook at “James Beard” house almost 30 years ago. Noel firmly believes that Jamaica and Jamaicans over the years have failed to build on “Brand Jamaica,” especially in celebrating our deep, diverse, rich and colourful food culture. He still wonders why, although “Ackee and Saltfish” was ranked the second most popular national dish in the world – second only to the American hamburger – by National Geographic, Jamaica has done almost nothing to promote it? He believes that Jamaicans living in the diasporas are often true unsung heroes. They use their platforms and spheres of influence to celebrate and promote their homeland.


2011年にキングストンに戻り、「カフェ・マントラ」で料理人として働いていましたが、2ヶ月後にはすぐにエグゼクティブ・シェフ/レストラン・マネージャーになりました。同時に、シェフ・ノエルは有名になり始めていました。彼はすぐにジャマイカの主要新聞に紹介されました。ジャマイカ・オブザーバー(ジャマイカの主要な新聞社の一つ)は ジャマイカのホテル経営の巨人ゴードン・ブッチ・スチュワートが所有していますブッチ・スチュワートはオールインクルーシブ・リゾートのコンセプトを開拓したと考えられています。カリブ海にまたがる5つ星ホテル「サンダルズ・オールインクルーシブ・ホテル&リゾート」を所有・運営しています。ジャマイカ・オブザーバーでデビューして間もなく、シェフ・ノエルは「バイブス・キュイジーヌ」や「エンターテイメント・レポート」にも取り上げられました。




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