Brown Stewed Turkey Neck ターキーネックのブラウンシチュー

On a more personal level, Noel alludes to using his radio show which he hosts to promote less know reggae ambassadors and on the many TV shows in Toronto and Manitoba such as “Your Morning” live on CTV, “Global TV 24” and various other breakfast shows of which he is a regularly featured guest, he uses these opportunities to celebrate Jamaican cuisine and its rich diversity. This he believes has endeared viewers to him and towards Jamaican cuisine. For example, in February 2020, he did Jamaican sweets such as “Drops”, “Grater Cakes” and “Gizzada Tarts” and taught his audience the history behind the pastries and their names.

These days, Noel is passionate about mentoring young aspiring chefs. He is a regular contributor to the major newspapers in Jamaica on food related topics. He also contributes to “JamaicaEats Magazine” and a myriad of other industry related news and media outlets both traditional and digital. Every now and them, while on a visit to Jamaica, he is featured on popular TV programs such as “Smile Jamaica” – a morning show.

We then segued into Chef Noel’s comfort food from his childhood days. Naturally, being a foodie – a man fully immersed in food day in, day out there were many to choose from. He loved his mother’s dishes. He loved her signature “Rice and Peas”, “Barbequed Fried Jerk Chicken” and many of the other dishes she prepared. That said, the one dish which truly made his heart dance was Stevie’s “Brown Stewed Turkey Neck.”

Stevie’s “Brown Stewed Turkey Neck” takes Chef Noel way way back into the memory lane. Stevie was a food vendor with a food stall located just outside Maverley Primary School’s gate. On the special days when Stevie prepared his “Brown Stewed Turkey Neck,” Noel could literally smell and taste the intoxicating aroma of the delicately blended herbs and spices which included escallion, onion, thyme, pimento, scotch bonnet peppers and other secret ingredients from his classroom far away. Perhaps the truth be told this was all in Noel’s head.

Stevie’s “Brown Stewed Turkey Neck”, was such a hot item that Noel knew he had to be among the first to get to Stevie’s otherwise his day would have been ruined. For Noel, Stevie’s “Brown Stewed Turkey Neck” was cooked to perfection. It was succulent. It was finger licking delicious. Stevie’s “Brown Stewed Turkey Neck” had a fair amount of meat which would easily leave the bones with one effortless suck. Not only that but sucking the bone dry, brought with it an unexplainable joy. The turkey neck was evenly seasoned and every bite, every suck was as sweet as the one before. This was truly a heavenly experience.

Noel has fond memories of Stevie’s “Brown Stewed Turkey Neck” gravy being of the perfect consistency. It was a little bit on the thick side. The gravy had that unmistakable flavour of the juices from the caramelised turkey neck richly infused into it. Though a tad bit spicy, for Noel, it was not overly spicy. Everything was done to perfection. He could get all this box of joy for a mere JMD 35.00. This combined with a JMD 5.00 bag juice was the highlight of his day. It was outer worldly. It was truly divine. It was celestial. Even to this very day. Even with Noel being as celebrated as he is a brilliant chef, Noel has still not been able to duplicate Stevie’s “Brown Stewed Turkey Neck” the way Stevie would make it.

If you are a turkey lover, if you are a foodie like Noel, a proper serving of Jamaican “Brown Stewed Turkey Neck” is guaranteed to make your heart dance. It is especially tastier with a delicious serving of “Rice and Peas.” Once you’ve had the Jamaican “Brown Stewed Turkey Neck with Rice and Peas,” – especially Stevie’s, like Noel, you are hooked for life. You can never stop craving more. So, when you visit Jamaica, B&B with a Jamaican, home-stay with a Jamaican, visit a Jamaican home or dine at a Jamaican restaurant anywhere in the world, you must try some proper “Brown Stewed Turkey Neck” for breakfast, lunch or dinner with some “Rice and Peas.” Noel is sure that this will definitely make your heart dance.

Until next time, walk good, stay safe and eat until belly bust.

Next in the series is a political leader and entrepreneur who is on a mission to share the secret flavours of a signature Jamaican cuisine which is indelibly tied to our history with people all over the United States of America.” Stay tuned.

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Author and Interviewer: Radcliffe Lennox
Translator: Shiho Owada

個人的なレベルでは、ノエルはあまり知られていないレゲエのアンバサダーを宣伝するためにホストを務めるラジオ番組やトロントとマニトバのテレビ番組、CTVの「Your Morning 」ライブ、「Global TV 24」、そして彼が定期的にゲストとして出演している様々な朝食番組で、ジャマイカ料理とその豊かな多様性を宣伝しています。彼はこのことが視聴者に愛され、ジャマイカ料理に愛着を持ってくれるようになると考えています。例えば、2020年2月には「ドロップス」「おろしケーキ」「ギザダタルト」などのジャマイカのお菓子を紹介し、お菓子にまつわる歴史や名前を教えてくれました。

最近では、ノエルは若い志の高いシェフの指導に情熱を注いでいます。彼はジャマイカの主要新聞に食関連の話題で定期的に寄稿しています。彼はまた、「Jamaica Eats Magazine」やその他の無数の業界関連のニュースやメディアにも寄稿しています。ジャマイカを訪れた際には、朝の番組「スマイルジャマイカ」などの人気番組の特集を観て下さい。












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