Mango Time マンゴータイム

While all this was happening, Cherise a very talented netballer from her days in Jamaica was being scouted by the England Netball Team. Going back to her days in Jamaica, Cherise was a reserve member of the Jamaica National Netball team. The Jamaica Netball team is constantly ranked 3rd or 4th globally. The other national teams which round out the top four teams are New Zealand, Australia and England.

Cherise played both in the UK Club Netball Sunday League and County League. It was while playing one of her usual starting role for her county’s team that her talent was spotted and she was invited to try out for the England National Netball Team. The rest as the saying goes, became history. Pretty soon afterwards Cherise became a regular on the England National Netball Team. She played netball all over the world with the English national team. While many of her peers in her office were very happy for her as a member of one of the world’s best netball teams, her manager openly asked if she had the physiological traits required to excel in a white sport.

Cherise knew she had overstayed her welcome. She knew if she were to remain at this huge insurance and financial services MNC, she had to work with a less overtly racially discriminating manager and HR Director or get a transfer to one of their overseas regional headquarters. As fate would have it, an opening in Ghana presented her the window of opportunity she needed. By the time both the HR director and her manager knew she had passed the previous seven out of eight interview tests for the Ghana transfer and promotion, it was too late for them to influence the outcome. She was appointed the CFO for Ghana and has been there to today.

Through it all, Cherise has mentioned that her husband – a Nigerian by decent and a brilliant financier – has been a tower of strength and her biggest voice of reason and rationality. She has never felt more relaxed and welcomed as she now does in Ghana and would love to be able to live there for as long as is possible.

After landing in Ghana, she started a netball forum to identify where she could play netball recreationally – now one of her biggest passions. She soon realized that because people had to make other things priority in their lives, netball was a distant after thought. Through her people’s person skills she soon got a few people interested in playing netball regularly.

Since moving there, she has invested her time, energy and effort into reviving netball as a national sport in Ghana. She has become fully integrated in the community as both a player, coach, manager and attracting sponsorships to fund sporting gears and equipment for the Ghana University. She has successfully taken her team to tour many countries in Europe such as Spain to play netball.


チェリーズは、英国クラブネットボール・サンデーリーグとカウンティリーグの両方でプレーをしていました。郡のチームでいつものように先発としてプレーしているときに、彼女の才能に目をつけられ、イングランドのナショナルネットボールチームのトライアウトに招待されました。 諺にもあるように、後は歴史に残るのみです。その後まもなく、チェリーズはイングランド代表ネットボールチームのレギュラーとなりました。彼女はイングランド代表チームのメンバーとして世界中でネットボールをプレーしました。世界最高のネットボールチームの一員となった彼女を、職場の多くの仲間たちはとても喜んでくれましたが、彼女のマネージャーは、彼女には白人のスポーツで活躍するために必要な白人としての生理学的特性があるのかどうかを率直に尋ねました。






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