Salt Mackerel Rundown 塩サバのランダウン


Morant Bay, St. Thomas モラント・ベイ、セント・トーマス

Salt Mackerel Rundown

This is the first instalment in our “Food I fondly remember” Volume 15 Interview Series which is aimed at introducing Japanese to odds defying Jamaican and their Jamaican Soul Foods – Secret Jamaican Gourmet which they have very fond memories of and which we are sure many Japanese have never experienced but are really really worth trying.

Featured in this our Volume 2 First Interview  is Donald Salmon – an unassuming giant and a very humble flagbearer of Jamaica, Jamaican agriculture and Jamaican sports. In addition to all these hats which Donald wears, he is also an astute entrepreneur and a well-respected member of the coffee sector of the Jamaican agriculture industry. He has dedicated well over 10 years as the representative head of the Jamaica Coffee Growers Association (JCGA) – the umbrella association for coffee farmers islandwide, to bring fair remunerations to members of the coffee farming sector and help them transition into more value-added production to better augment their earnings. 

Coupled with this, through the JCGA, farmers are now more closely knit and are connected in local grouping to share best practices, pool their resources and procure supplies for their farms at more favourable rates. He has also been working very closely with the Pacific Jamaica Coffee Traders (PJCT)- the agent for the Jamaica Coffee Growers Association (JCGA) in several markets including Japan. Since 2020, through PJCT,  JCGA has been working closely with the Jamaica Information Center to showcase their activities and arrange several exciting tours of the UNESCO World Natural and Intangible Cultural Heritage Sites located in the Jamaica Blue and John Crow Mountains protected National Parks in which quite a few of the Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee farms are located. 

The aim through the JIC-PJCT-JCGA-HIS collaborations is to take: 

  1. coffee enthusiasts; 
  2. those seeking a new adventure which embraces the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs);
  3. those who would like to interact with real people, culture, and food; 
  4. mountain enthusiasts who would a hike up to the highest peak in the English-speaking Caribbean – with the chance of seeing the tip of Cuba on a clear day;
  5. those who are very keen on visiting UNESCO and National Natural and Cultural Heritage spots; 
  6. those who would like to get their hands dirty and spend a day in the coffee field; and 
  7. those who would like to take a drivep a road which is not for the faint of heart – a ride which at times will make Fuji-Q Highlands very tame;

on an experience like no other – which will leave you with pleasant memories to last two lifetimes. 

But who is Donald Salmon? What led to him being such an inspirational and selfless Jamaican? What is it that drives this passion deep within his soul? The answers lie in his most formative years and upbringing.

Donald who now lives in the Kingston 19 area of Jamaica, lives a very very far way from where he first graced the Earth. Donald, a self described “typical country boy,” was born in the westernmost part of Jamaica in a community called Lambs River in the parish of Westmoreland – the south 

westernmost parish of Jamaica. Lambs River is located about 20 miles (32 km) southwest of Montego Bay. Westmoreland is also renowned for sharing the resplendently bedazzling 7 mile (11 km) continuous stretch of crystalline turquoise shallow water white sandy bathing beaches, Negril with its northern neighbouring parish of Hanover – the north westernmost part of Jamaica. Negril is reputed to have one of – if not – the most beautiful of all sunsets of anywhere in the world. Lambs River is a typical farming village and as such, Donald’s grandparents and his parents too were farmers.

His time in his hometown was very short lived as Donald described his father as being “nomadic”. His father’s work in the agricultural sector resulted in his family moving from parish to parish on their eastbound odyssey which included St. Catherine – home to the first European capital city of Jamaica, St. Mary and Portland – the north easternmost parish of Jamaica before the family eventually settled near the historic Morant Bay – the capital town of St. Thomas, the south easternmost parish of Jamaica by the time he was eight. 



ドナルド・サーモン氏-ジャマイカの控えめな巨人であり、ジャマイカの農業とスポーツの旗手です。ドナルドが担っているこれらの役に加え、彼は鋭い起業家であり、ジャマイカ農業界のコーヒー部門では尊敬されているメンバーでもあります。彼はジャマイカコーヒー生産者協会(Jamaica Coffee Growers Association: JCGA)の代表として10年以上に渡り、島全体のコーヒー生産者のための包括的な団体であJCGAの代表を務めてきました。ジャマイカの英雄、マーカス・ガーベイ氏は彼の奥さんの3親等内の姻族です。


JIC- JCGAのオンラインツアーの目的は、










現在ジャマイカのキングストン19地区に住んでいるドナルドは、彼が生まれた場所からとても遠く離れた場所に住んでいます。自称 “典型的な田舎の少年 “であったドナルドは、ジャマイカの最西端に位置するウェストモアランド(県)のラムズ・リバー(Lambs River)というコミュニティで生まれました。


ドナルドは父親を「遊牧民」と表現したように、彼の生地での時間は非常に短命でした。彼の父親の農業での仕事の結果、彼の家族はジャマイカ最初のヨーロッパ人の首都であるジャマイカのセント・キャサリン、セント・メアリー、ポートランドなどを含む東回りの旅で県から県へと移動し、彼が8歳の時にはジャマイカの最北端の県であるセント・トーマス(St.Thomas)の首都である歴史的なモラント・ベイ(Morant Bay)の近くに定住するまでになりました。

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