The Japanese language consists of what we would refer to as three alphabets/ sets of characters that govern their sentence structure. Japanese is written with these three sets of characters which are known as Kanji, Hiragana and Katakana. There is a more modern way of writing Japanese known as Romaji. Romaji uses the English alphabetical letters with Japanese pronunciation, this is a simple form of writing Japanese, and may be an easier way for foreigners to learn Japanese but it may bring about some confusion. The Language structure is in the form of Subject-Object-Verb and has various pitches and phonotactics. The language also changes depending on persons speaking to superiors, family/friends, by a male user or female user. Words are also used to represent sounds in the Japanese language, similar to that of the English Language.
The Jamaican Language consists of Standard English which is learned in the British form, and a more local language referred to as Patois/Creole. Patois like Japanese has a long history with words taken from various other languages (mainly English) however Patois (pronounced Patwa) is a spoken language which is not taught. Nevertheless, due to the proximity and influence of the USA, many American words and phrases are also entwined into the language. Jamaican Language also changes depending on whether ones speaks to authorities and by family /friends. Patois is often used in a more relaxed atmosphere while English is used in social and other environments. The Jamaican Patois is made known more internationally by its influence in Reggae music