posted: 2018-05-08 modified: 2018-12-14

There are various religious beliefs in Japan, however the most dominant are Shinto and Buddhism. These regions are intertwined within the culture and can be displayed from the temples (Buddhism) and shrines (Shintoism) around the island. Upon approaching these considerably holy places, a particular rite/ custom is typically carried out. Additional religions such as Confucians, Christianity, and Muslim exist within the society as well; nevertheless, religion is not displayed in the everyday lives of the Japanese. This is most definitely except rituals performed throughout the year in relation to birth, marriage and deaths. Though religion in Japan is not as evident as in other cultures, it is estimated to be about 54% Shintoism, 41% Buddhism, 0.7% Christianity with about 4.7% of other religions. Some Japanese however share more than 1 religious belief.
In Jamaica, Religion plays a very vital role in their lives with the majority of Jamaicans (approximately 80%) being Christians. Christianity is then broken down in many denominations (for example Protestantism, Pentecostals, Catholics, Anglicanism and Baptists to name a few).
There are other religions in Jamaica, most notably Rastafarianism. They are distinguished by the growth and dreading of their hair and the use of marijuana in their rituals. Nevertheless, this makes up approximately 1.2 % of the country, with other religions (for example Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, and Bahia to name a few) composing of up to 24% of the society, and approximately 22% being non-religious. These estimations may differ now but it still gives an idea of how religion is perceived in Jamaica.